is the fastest, safest and simplest way for your family, friends or customers to pay through SunCash. Just share your personalized SunCash.Me link (SunCash.Me/YourName) with others, and they can send you money.

They just tap on your link to go to your SunCash.Me, enter the amount to be paid, and send the money without knowing your email address or mobile phone number, or even have the SunCash app.

Visit SunCash.Me to create your link and account. If you already have a SunCash account, log in and generate your link. If you don't, signup is easy, fast and free. You’ll be required to create one when signing-up.

SunCash.Me links are available on a first-come, first-served basis and can’t be reserved. If your preferred link is taken, try other alternatives. Grab your SunCash.Me link before someone else does!

Only one active SunCash.Me link per SunCash account is allowed. Once you create your SunCash.Me link, you won’t be able to edit it. So choose carefully!

Yes. Here are the guidelines for selecting a SunCash.Me link:

  • It can only contain alphanumeric characters (letters A-Z, numbers 0-9) and can’t contain symbols, dashes, or spaces.
  • It’s not case sensitive, but casing is recommended to improve its readability for your friends and family.
  • Profane, offensive, defamatory or reserved trademarks are forbidden even if the link is available. Your account may be suspended if you violate this one. Let’s keep it clean.
  • Link names are limited to 20 characters max.

It will never expire. You can choose to turn it off and on as often as you like.

Just share your SunCash.Me link. Text it. Tweet it. Place it on print media. Post it to your blog, website, Instagram or Facebook page. Email it to your dad. Your friends can then click, type, or tap on your link and pay you back. Getting paid is easy!

Anyone can send you money through your SunCash.Me link.

Receiving is Free!

As soon as you receive a payment, it goes into your SunCash balance. You can use the money to buy things online or in stores, pay your utility bills, top-up mobile phones locally or anywhere in the world, buy movie or events tickets or send money to friends. Soon, if you have your bank account linked to SunCash, you can transfer the funds to your bank.

Yes. Fees will be posted once the service is started.

There’s no limit on how many requests you can send. Just share your link. That’s it.

Just add the amount you want to request to the end of your link. For example, use SunCash.Me/TinaKnowles/25 to request $25.00.

If the payment has a status of "Unclaimed”, you can cancel them. If the payment is completed, you won’t be able to cancel it because the receiver has already received the money. You can reverse a completed payment by contacting your receiver and asking for a refund.

100% Free! SunCash doesn't charge a fee to open a SunCash account or set up a SunCash.Me link.

SunCash.Me is open to all account types - Business, Personal, Charities, Churches, Renters etc.

Yes, its available in every island in the Bahamas.

Sure! Your SunCash.Me link is available on mobile (iPhone and Android), desktop, and tablet. 

Just tap the SunCash.Me link you’ve received or type it in your browser. Enter the amount you’d like to pay or send and choose how you’d like to pay. You can only send money from your SunCash balance at this time. Coming soon you will be able to choose your bank account or your preferred debit or credit card. If you don’t have a SunCash account, we will help you create one. Signup is fast and free.

The sender pays a small fee to send money. Government VAT at 12% is also levied on the transaction fee. It’s totally free for the receiver.

After your money request or invoice has been paid:

  • We email you to let you know it has been paid.
  • The Status of the invoice or money request changes to Paid in your transaction history.
  • The money appears in your balance.

It’s extremely important to report any suspected instances of fraud. If you think your account has been compromised change your password and update your security questions right away to protect your account (we may limit what you can do on your account until you do so).

If you've received an email notification that something has been changed on your account, but you don't remember changing it, please change your password and security questions. Next, you can update any changed information, such as your email address, address, phone number, or other profile information.

Your SunCash.Me link is included in the welcome email we sent when you first signed up. Also you can log into SunCash.Me and you’ll see your link.

Once you’ve created your SunCash.Me link, you won’t be able to delete it. If you want to hide your SunCash.Me link from the everyone, log into SunCash.Me, tap or click “Turn Off My Link.” No one will be able to send you money. Your SunCash.Me link will still be linked to your SunCash account and won’t be available for others to take.

If you already have a Profile photo saved to your SunCash account, that’s what will show up. If you don’t have a photo or if you want to replace it, you can do that through your SunCash.Me link.

We automatically encrypt your confidential info in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). Before you even register or log in to the SunCash site, our server checks that you're using an approved browser one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher.

Your financial information

SunCash helps keep your transactions secure by not sharing your full financial information with sellers.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor transactions 24/7. That should help you rest easy.

Secure technology

Our encryption help keeps your online transactions guarded from start to finish.

Fraud prevention

Us if anything seems suspicious so we can help you protect yourself from fraudulent charges against your account. We'll never ask for sensitive information in an email.

Dispute resolution

If there’s a problem with a transaction, we’ll put a hold on the funds until the issue is resolved. We investigate and stay involved every step of the way.

The only information available publicly through your SunCash.Me link will be your Profile photo (if you have one), the name associated with the account, a cover photo if you added one, the personal note, and your city/settlement and island/country according to your preferences

Use of a SunCash.Me link that infringes the intellectual property rights of a third person is prohibited under the SunCash.Me Terms and Conditions. It is our policy to deactivate any infringing links that are reported to us together with adequate supporting information. Send a report to [email protected] to start the investigation.

SunCash Confirmed Charities or Churches is a process for confirming that every entity that registers with SunCash as a charity or church is properly registered and in good-standing according to local regulations, and that these charities own the bank accounts they provide to SunCash, ensuring funds you donate reach the charity you selected. Whenever you donate through SunCash.Me, we have confirmed that the charity or church is real.

From the login page, click the “Forgot Password” link and enter your username (SunCash.Me link). You will receive an email to your registered email address on your account. Follow the instructions to reset.

Log into your SunCash.Me account, go to My Account to view or edit our account information.