For your Business

Customers can secure their orders and book services by following your link. With your business account both you and your customers benefit as SunCash.Me is more secure for everyone.

For your Side Hustles

Whether you bake pastries on the weekend or sell straw products online, invoices and awkward payment reminders are a thing of the past, simply share your link and get paid.

For your Personal Transactions

Share your SunCash.Me link with all your friends and family members. Dining out and splitting the cheque? Contributing for a gift? Reimbursing a friend? Donating to charity? Tithing to your church? SunCash.Me makes it all easier.

How SunCash.Me Works


Create your personal link.

You have complete freedom to customize your very own personal link to instantly start accepting payments. Signing up is fast and free even if you don't already have a SunCash account.


Easily share your link

Share your link any way you want to – via email, SMS, in a chat, or even on your business webpage or card.

Why use SunCash.Me?

Easy to use

Super simple like child’s play, just a click. Plus it’s an easy way to remind someone you’re waiting on their payment. Share your link and that’s it.

Instant Payments

Eliminate running down customers, writing cheques and making tedious bank transfers from your life. With SunCash.Me, anyone can pay you instantly.

Safer for you and your business

You and your customers benefit from our Protection Programs when using SunCash.Me for business or personal use. More security for everyone.